Viviane Redding criticizes UK immigration fears


Viviane Redding, who is a vice president of the European Union has accused the UK Prime Minister David Cameroon of spreading immigration fears. According to her Cameron is risking the European future of British citizens by using populist and anti-EU rhetoric. Vivian Redding claims that UK Prime Minister is misleading the general public to think that the United Kingdom is under siege by eastern European immigrants, who are going the still jobs from local people.

At the same time, economic statistics show that EU immigration has been beneficial for Britain. Mr Cameron’s government introduced emergency legislation at the end of December to prevent EU citizens from claiming benefits until they had been in the UK for three months. The legislation would also bar those who cannot speak English from claiming benefits. According to Reading most of the concerns about immigration that are spread by Cameron lack any factual basis.

She said ‘This supposed invasion of foreigners coming to the UK and stealing the jobs and stealing the social security and the health money. The fact and figures, and we all know this, show it is simply not true’. She criticized the populist attitude of many of the UK politicians as bad style of leadership and said that the true position will be to dispel all myths about EU immigration that have nothing to do with reality.

Ms Reding gave a speech on Tuesday 7th January in which she called for the establishment of ‘a United States of Europe’. This phrase is very controversial in Britain, as Ms Reding must have known. Eurosceptics claim, with some justification, that the UK signed up for a ‘common market’ and is now being railroaded into a ‘United States of Europe’.


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