Who Wants to Eat Shrimp In Hawaii?

It has always been a dream of my families to go on a vacation to Hawaii. Last November we were fortunate enough to go to the Hawaiian island of Oahu. We spent most of our time on the north shore where we enjoyed the laid back and relaxed portion of the island.

Giovanni's shrimp truck

Giovanni’s shrimp truck

After relaxing in the morning we would go find a place to eat lunch. On the north shore of Oahu, there are many small, family-owned restaurants that have great food! One of the places that we went multiple times was Giovanni’s shrimp truck.

We had heard about this Giovanni’s prior to us arriving in Hawaii, so we were excited to try their famous shrimp. The second day of our vacation our family of five climbed into our rented jeep and headed off to find a place to eat lunch.

After a little debate, we decided to go to Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. When we got to Giovanni’s I wondered if we were in the right place. I had heard about their famous shrimp and here we were parked in front of what looked like a beat-up ice cream truck with writing all over it.

When we got up to the window to order they had four choices of food: the shrimp scampi (world-famous dish), the “no refunds” hot & spicy shrimp, lemon butter shrimp, and a jumbo garlic hot dog.

I got their supposedly “world-famous” Shrimp Scampi because from what I heard it was really good and it was world-famous! It was my first time eating shrimp that wasn’t either deep-fried or from Wal-Mart so I was excited. The shrimp looked really good and I was hungry so I picked up a shrimp and took a bite. When I took that first bite I was extremely disappointed. As I chewed the shrimp it was crunchy, so crunchy that it was extremely uncomfortable in my mouth. I tried to keep chewing but there was hardly any taste and it was really hard to chew.

At first, I figured that this was just how shrimp here was, but after it scratched at my throat as I swallowed I knew something had to be wrong. I looked around and said, “This isn’t very good. It has some sort of hard skin on it!” I was expecting everyone to agree with me but instead, they all laughed and proceeded to explain that I needed to de-shell the shrimp before I ate it.

After learning to de-shell the shrimp I really loved it! I can see why it is world-famous shrimp; it really is quite delicious.
The shrimp scampi is marinated in olive oil and “secret spices”, coated in garlic, and finished off with some butter. The shrimp is soft, tasty and definitely worth the 13 dollars. My dish came with a dozen shrimp and 2 scoops of rice. It was very filling and was really a great eating experience.

Don’t let the beat-up truck fool you! The shrimp at Giovanni’s shrimp truck is very delicious and much more than would be expected from a beat-up truck. We stopped by Giovanni’s shrimp truck four or five times in our week stay on the north shore and we will definitely make our way back there if we ever go back to Oahu.

If you ever find yourself on the north shore of Oahu make sure to try out the shrimp at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck at least once!

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