Young Irishman has a record fine from Australian Department of Immigration

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The Australian Immigration official are searching for a young Irish Citizen who has overstayed his Australian visa accruing a 20 000 Euro of deportation bills in the process. Ross O’Sullivan (28), from Cork, had lived in Perth, in Western Australia, for five years before being detained by Australian immigration authorities. Currently, he is facing a battle with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, which demands payments from him because of services that were offered to Mr O’Sullivan as he overstayed his visa.

In addition to that, the authorities warned him that he may not be allowed to enter Australian for at least three years. Ross O’Sullivan was a bricklayer who moved to work in Australian during 2007 when the construction industry in Ireland collapsed due to the global economic crisis. In an interview with the newspaper Irish Echo, he said that he is unsure what to do from now on. “I had $1,300 (€900) and I said I voluntarily want to leave and book flights. But they said it doesn’t work like that,” he said.

“They said I have to have three escorts travel back with me to Ireland. The escorts’ flights, accommodation and food all comes back on me. I wanted to leave voluntarily, on my own money, but they said no.”

O’Sullivan was detained in February this year when his visa problems were discovered by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The Immigration Detention Center at Perth was established in 1981 in order to deal with the increasing number of foreigners who breach their visa requirements

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