Terms of working holiday agreement between Canada and Taiwan amended

Visa First Canadian Working Holiday Visa

Canada and Taiwan have jointly announced an amendment to their mutual working holiday visa agreement.

Citizens of the two nations are now able to apply for working holiday visas while in each respective country.

Taiwanese nationals can apply for a working holiday visa at any government-authorized visa application centre within Canada.

Similarly, Canadian citizens can also apply for a working holiday visa with they are in Taiwan. Applications can be submitted at Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs or one of MOFA’s regional offices.

Working Holiday Visa First

Application requirements

Citizens aged 18 to 35 are eligible to apply for a one-year visa. As many as 1,000 visas are issued every year under the current deal.

If you wish to apply for a Canadian visa you are required to provide biometric data to the visa application centre.

Canada and Taiwan first signed a reciprocal working holiday visa agreement in April 2010.

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