Top 10 Business Destinations Worldwide

The leading top 3 destinations are Singapore (1), Israel (2), Australia (3). In top 20 are also countries like Canada (9), USA (12), New Zealand (13), China (14).

This report combines 22 indicators across 5 growth areas – business, financial, labour, technology, market growth.

There are a number of reasons for companies to look at other markets – globalization, new opportunities and more revenue. Key role in that is the digital technology helping to overcome the distances and lower the barriers. The business climate in the given country has a leading role for setting up a company there but the government define how flawless will the entire operation be in terms of regulations and low taxes is not enough to attract new investors.

The last couple of years the globalization of business requires dynamic changes, fast decision-making of key personnel and professionals across countries. Government regulations have lowered the barriers for business travellers due to mutual financial and political interests.

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Operating overseas offers a great opportunity for growth on new markets, or lowering the costs using an outsourcing business model. Creating a sound business can take a long time and the risk is high so it takes not only one indicator to be measured but the entire financial ecosystem.

The top places are taken by advanced economies where a new company has all that’s needed – a stable and progressive economy, low business risk, proper regulations and a steady government environment.

The Top 10 Countries

  1. Singapore
  2. Israel
  3. Australia
  4. Finland
  5. Sweden
  6. Slovenia
  7. Switzerland
  8. Norway
  9. Canada
  10. Taiwan

To read the full GDI report for 2015 please click here

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