Top 10 Cities in the World to Find a Job Opportunity.

When considering to move abroad it is important to pay attention to several factors. One of the most important is to find a city where you can find easily a job. Each person has different perspectives and factors to evaluate and prioritize in order to find the right city for his future career.

Often people choose the biggest city around. This decision is based on the common understanding that the bigger city offers more opportunities. Something that should be with very high priority when picking the city is what are your qualifications and experience as a starting point.

Considering that you should look for the proper place and what are the opportunities there and can you fit in this picture.

There are many sources of information about the best places for your future job, like job websites and different local newspapers. In this article, we will provide you with information based on research combining 67 factors.

Among those factors are – education, the technology available to people for better work and life. Infrastructure and transportation which are essential for the daily commute time and ease of life. Health, safety and security are of high importance as well as demographics and livability.

Last but not least is the economic climate. Ease of doing business and cost of living, services and labour are essential here to determine the entrepreneurial potential of the place. In this research the competition is between 30 cities and the ranking is based on their results in the different categories.

In this research, the top position is for London. Other cities in the top 10 are – New York 2nd, Singapore 3rd, Toronto 4th, Sydney 9th.


The reasons for taking the top position are the fact that the British capital is home to many of the global corporations. Great place for the new technologies used in many sectors like IT, engineering, life sciences etc. The financial hub of Europe, many banks and financial institutions have head offices here. In many occupations like financing, medicine, IT, marketing, sales etc. people employees get one of the best paychecks globally.

New York

This is the largest city in the US. The opportunities here are endless. Some of the most desirable sectors for finding a job are financing, entertainment, technology, fashion, services and others. This is one of the cities that almost everyone can find its place under the sun.


Is one of the cities with great infrastructure and transportation. This makes people’s life much easier especially in big cities this factor is vital. Another important aspect is the ease of doing business here. People with experience in electronics and engineering should be fine here as well as professionals in the chemical industry and services sectors. The financial sector is also very well developed here. The economy of the city is known for its openness and very low corruption rate.


It has a very high reputation for the quality of life. It ranks very high for health, safety, infrastructure and transportation. Professionals in banking, financial, distribution and industrial should find themselves in the right place.


This city is well known for its great work. Part of the advantages of the city is thanks to its sustainability and livability. Sydney is a great place for the financial industry, manufacturing, cultural and business.

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