UK Points Based System Explained

Before the new system was introduced there were more than 80 routes for a non-EU national to enter the UK. The present, much simpler framework consists of 5 tiers, which help people find the right path to the UK.

  • Tier 1 is for highly skilled individuals willing to practice what they do best in the UK
  • Tier 2 is for skilled workers (nurses, teachers, engineers, etc.) who already have a job offer to work in the UK
  • Tier 3 is for a very limited number of low skilled workers needed to fill temporary labour shortages for a specific project
  • Tier 4 is for students, continuing their education in the United Kingdom
  • Tier 5 is for Youth Mobility and temporary workers (people who are allowed to work in the Uk for a limited time)

For each tier, there is a point target that the applicants need to meet. Points are awarded according to an objective and transparent criteria, allowing applicants to assess themselves.


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